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KNPA Photographs Sarah Palin!

I had one of those weekends that makes you sit back and think “wow, life is full or surprises.” We were given an incredible opportunity last Friday to photograph the Palin4Life Gala at the Fairmount Hotel in Dallas. Katie Norris Portrait Arts was selected to take portraits of the VIP guests with Governor Palin. This evening meant so much to us. We were honored to be able to photograph such an historical figure and to support an important issue. I just wanted to thank every one for the notes and emails of excitement. This was such a highlight for KNPA and an evening that I know we will never forget. Governor Palin was very gracious and it was an amazing experience to share an hour in front of her and photograph her with the guests.

I also want to give a special thank you to my assistant and friend Charles Hankins. I could have not have done this without you! We are not able to post all of the pictures from the event but I wanted to share the portrait of Charles and I with the Governor and of my sweet husband Reece. I think we will make sure to frame this one in our home!


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